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  • Thanks to improvements in health and healthcare, people are living longer lives than ever before and a new stage of life is emerging in our older years. During this stage of life, many find themselves physically healthy even well after typical retirement age, but begin to have trouble keeping up with the demands of maintaining their homes and properties. This is particularly the case for individuals who live by themselves, which can also be an isolating experience over time. Family members, especially those who live far away, often worry about the safety and wellbeing of their loved ones living by themselves.

    HomeShare is a model that allows homeowners to rent out a spare room in their home in exchange for an agreed-upon level of support and, in some cases, a reduced rental payment. This arrangement allows homeowners to leverage their home as an asset in exchange for services they may need to remain independent in their homes and communities for as long as possible. HomeShare is not a suitable solution for everyone, nor is it a permanent arrangement. Rather, it serves as a bridge to support healthy independent living before more intense support services or living arrangements are required.

    Common homeshare exchange services include:

    • Housecleaning
    • Grocery shopping and cooking
    • Minor repairs, home improvement and maintenance
    • Yard work, gardening and landscaping
    • Holiday decorating
    • Transportation
    • Reminders and errands
    • Petcare
    • Computer and technology assistance
    • Companionship and emergency contact

    HomeShare Arizona brokers relationships between older homeowners with room to spare with college students who can use more affordable housing options as they pursue their education. HomeShare Arizona takes the anxiety of finding a renter by:

    • tapping into a pool of student renters to find a suitable match
    • screening applicants
    • conducting background checks
    • facilitating a home visit
    • negotiating the terms of a HSAZ Service Exchange Agreement
    • revising the agreement as necessary

    Find out more about why HomeShare Arizona offers a unique homeshare experience for Arizona residents.

CEO & Founder

Lindsey Beagley

A Note from the Founder & CEO:

Welcome to HomeShare Arizona where we are passionate about strengthening Arizona communities by connecting students and seniors!

People are living longer lives and want to enjoy more years in their chosen homes and communities. I know this firsthand because, in 2012, my own healthy grandmother moved to an expensive assisted living facility – not because she needed the skilled nursing care, but because she was struggling to grocery shop, cook, care for her active pets, and maintain her home on her own. This was a very difficult transition for my feisty, independent grandma as she left behind her empty home and dear neighbors of 40 years. At the time, there just weren't any affordable support services that suited her level of need.

Determined to explore how I could fill this gap in aging support services, I went back to Arizona State University and earned my Master's degree in Public Administration with a concentration in nonprofit management. As I met other students, I slowly became aware of another challenge in our community - the rising costs of tuition and the increasing barriers to post-secondary degree completion. It was then that I realized I could use solve one problem by pairing it with another problem. In 2016, HomeShare Arizona was launched.

I passionately believe in the potential and power of intergenerational relationships to support one another through these various phases of life. I draw upon my case management skills and experience as a former social worker to carefully assess the unique needs and circumstances of each of my clients in order to facilitate the best homeshare experience possible.

I welcome your feedback about HomeShare Arizona and hope you will share this resource with someone who may be interested.

Lindsey Beagley